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Work/ Commission/ Health Update

Hi everyone! Long time no see! I hope you're all doing well 😊

There's a TLDR at the bottom if you're not interested in my ramblings! 😅

As for me, the past month ended up being very hectic. I ended up having a very sudden (and big!) movie costume job come in that had to be done ASAP and took up almost a whole week of my time and energy, which had me putting my other professional jobs to the side.

Then the past couple of weeks I have still been dealing with tiredness/lethargy (possibly from mono but possibly just from bad sleep??) which made me work at a snails pace on the second professional job I had (2 TCG illustrations) and I actually ended up submitting the second one about 5 days late, hopefully that's not too much of an issue 😰 I haven't heard back from them yet, wish me luck!

I now have 2 commercial jobs left: a book cover for Cebelius and 2 black & white detailed sketches for Gary Lucke.

I was hoping that I'd have time to open for some on-the-spot halloween commissions on stream, but I haven't had much time off work in the past 2 weeks while I was struggling to meet that TCG deadline, so I don't have the time or energy for that unfortunately! I'll instead be focusing on Cebelius and Gary since they got put aside while I was doing the movie work and TCGs images.

I will however be taking Halloween off and I think I might stream a day or so of Night in the Woods if I have the energy! 👻 I've missed you lot and missed streaming, so I think that'd be a nice little break from work. I also have an amazing new lamp made by my incredible friend Dev (featured in the thumbnail), which I can't wait to show off!

After Halloween I'll continue to work really hard on finishing the jobs I have left for Cebelius and Gary and I'll be able to open for normal commissions again after they're done (assuming no more surprise commercial jobs come in!) Perhaps I'll do some Christmas themes! 🎅

As for my health, I think I'm 99% recovered from the Mono? It's hard to say, I was feeling like a normal healthy person again a couple of weeks ago, but now I just keep waking up tired no matter how well I seem to have slept or even if I wake up naturally before my alarm. It feels like it's probably just been bad sleep from being stressed about the deadline, but even though that's over now I'm still currently very tired and low on energy. I think I'll know by next week if it's just from bad sleep or if mono is still hanging around a bit. I am MUCH better though, and no more cough!! So that's a plus. Woohoo!

I have also made some adjustments to my Calendar on the Queue & Schedule Page. I was having trouble reading it in the list form, and if there's nothing scheduled for a day it just doesn't even show the day! So I have switched it to the full monthly view now so we can all see my whole schedule clearly. I've also had issues with them bugging out and not loading recently, so I've now added links so that you can still access them outside of my website. Google Calendar unfortunately made me split them up into 3 separate calendars, but I think it lets you add it to your own calendar if you like, so that's handy!


  • It's been a hectic month full of professional work with deadlines, one of which I submitted late 😰

  • I don't have the time/energy to open for Halloween commissions, but I might stream some Night in the Woods for fun over Halloween! 👻

  • I will be focusing 100% on Cebelius and Gary Lucke's work until they're done/near completion.

  • I might have time for some Christmas Commissions after the above jobs are finished. 🎅

  • My Mono is 99% over, but I'm still very tired.

  • I've updated the Calendar on the Queue & Schedule Page to make it easier to read. I've also added links in case the Queue and Calendar bug out and don't show.

That's about it for now. I have some exciting personal news, but I'll make that a seperate personal update post.

As always, thank you so much for your patience with me everyone 🥰

- Naira

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