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Jessie S. A'Bell, otherwise known as Naira, is a freelance illustrator from Melbourne, Australia.​ She has a love for all creatures and they're her favourite subject to paint.


When in-between professional jobs, she works part time doing personal commissions and streaming them on Twitch with her animated wolf-girl avatar or on webcam when she feels up to it. Most of her clients commission her for their personal animal characters, but she's happy to paint anything and often gets asked for pet portraits or for humanoid OCs.


She has been using the name "Naira" as an online alias since she was 14 years old, originally for privacy reasons that then grew over the years to be used more commonly as a pen name or nickname, some people even calling her Naira by name in person.

She has an amazing partner in crime, Sebastian, who's an incredible illustrator working in the film industry, inspires her everyday, is charming, loving, funny and full of rage and combat. He can sometimes be heard in the background of her streams being an adorable nuisance.


She also has a female cat named Ralph (originally called Lynx) who can also frequently be heard in the background of her streams being an adorable nuisance.


When not painting she can be found gaming, repeatedly watching the Alien movie franchise and admiring images of goats.


Ralph was adopted at 4 months old on the 15th of May 2020.


Ralphs favourite hobby is doing everything possible to stop Jessie from getting her work done, such as:

- Sitting on Jessie's ctrl-z hand

- Sitting on Jessie's mouse hand

- Sitting on the mouse

- Standing in front of the monitor

- Walking in front of Jessie's graphics tablet

- Sitting on the graphics tablet

- Headbutting Jessie's pen-holding hand

- Chewing the tablet pen in Jessie's hand

- Running all over the desk

- Jumping on top of the computer tower

- Relentlessly meowing just outside the studio door

- Pulling all of the desk drawers out

- Knocking Jessie's tablet pen off the desk

- Sitting on the microphone

- Shoving her butthole in Jessie's face

- Climbing Jessie's tall cane divider wall and knocking it over onto Jessie's head

- Climbing Jessie's photography lamp and knocking it over, breaking two of the lightbulbs with it

- Many other things as I'm sure you can imagine

Nicknames: Ralphie, Stynx, Littlefoot, Littlefish, Meemow, Stoopid, Rowfie, Stinkaminka, Stinkyfish, RALPH!!!, Stopit, Stopthat, Getoutofthat, Whatareyoudoing, Pleasestop.



Before Ralph there was Angel. She was Jessie's childhood cat that she got for Christmas when she was 10 years old. Angel was often heard in the background of Twitch streams and was a beloved member of Jessie's Twitch community, so much so that she became a Twitch emote on the channel.

Angel passed away on the 6th of July 2019

at 19 years old, almost 20.

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