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Update (Health/ Work)

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing really well :)

Last time I made a post here I didn't know what was causing my long-term cough/illness. It turns out I have Glandular Fever/Mono! For most people, it supposedly clears up in about 4 weeks but I've been one of the unlucky people who has it causing issues for months. The doctor gave me some steroids to help ease the cough, which has worked pretty well and I have been gradually coughing less and less. However, I am still dealing with low energy/fatigue and achy muscles. So I have been working significantly slower in recent weeks, which is why I was doing Discord-only streams instead of Twitch as they are less distracting and take less energy to maintain.

I have just finished my last round of personal commissions and I would usually have opened again by now but in the last week, I've had some biggish commercial jobs come in and one has deadlines. Until this work is mostly finished, I will either not open for commissions at all, or I will only open for on-the-spot timed live commissions via stream if I have the time and energy. I hope to have all of this work done within 4-6 weeks but we'll see how I go.

In the meantime, you may find I'm very absent from social media and Discord so that I can focus all my energy on work, but please feel free to shoot me an email though if you ever have any questions. I will also still be maintaining my schedule/queue to include my current professional work if for whatever reason you wanted to see where I'm at with that. I just like using it for personal time management regardless.

If you've ever experienced long-term Mono as an adult and have any tips for helping me manage/get better faster I'd really appreciate a comment below with any info you can provide!

That's all for now. Thank you all so much for your patience with me everyone, I look forward to when I'm fully recovered and can get back to regular Twitch streams! I miss you all! <3

Fluffy Regards,


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