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So much for my big return... 😅

Hey there everyone! I hope you're doing well.

I thought I should update you as to why I began my return to streams, only to then immediately not return to streams 😅

When I organised my last stream, I didn't have any new commercial jobs come in for a month or so. I thought it was safe to get back into regular streaming, but then 2 days before that stream, I was contacted to do a day's work on the movie I'd recently finished up on. They needed some changes. Well, 1 day turned into 5 days, but then it was seemingly over.

Then I got an ear infection and was unwell for a further week. Then during that week, I had like 3 new commercial jobs pop into my inbox! And another day on the movie stuff! I also had my sleep schedule go way out of whack after the ear infection and had several days where I was sleeping until 12-2 pm (and I typically try to begin streams around 9:30 am) so I put off streaming for another week or so while I was organising both my sleep and the new commercial work schedule.

At this point it's like, whenever I try to start streaming again, everyone's spidey sense begins to tingle and they're like "QUICK WE GOTTA HIRE HER BEFORE SHE GETS BACK TO STREAMIN!" 😂 Which, I mean, it's very nice to be hired so much more frequently now than I used to! But it does suck for you guys who enjoy my streams and I miss hangin' out with you too! 😢

So TLDR; I've had a bunch of commercial work come in again which will go for at least 5 weeks, so streams are once again on hiatus. I might be able to squeeze in a stream or two at some point but that's no guarantee.

And as for opening for commissions, that'll have to also wait another month or so! 😭

Thank you so much everyone for your patience with me ❤ I hope to see you again soon!

Fluffy Regards,


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