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Schedule Update

Hey there my lovely Sleem Team commissioners!

I'm usually pretty good with my schedules and don't usually need to move them around so much, but since I am dealing with what seems to be a long-term sickness at the moment with this cough, I'm working much slower and often have trouble getting out of bed in the morning so I keep starting the streams late.

So at this time I have tried to extend out the days spent on each commission to try and compensate, but also it'll probably keep getting changed depending on how long each commission actually ends up taking. I also might do Discord streams instead of Twitch streams for the next week or so, as they take less social energy/focus without all the raids and things so it can be easier for me to focus on the work.

Since you're all coincidentally pals of mine I'll be sure to keep you updated via Discord, but I thought I'd make a post here on the off chance one of you checks here before Discord :)

PS - I'm also cancelling Friday Game Days until this cough clears up!

Thanks so much for your patience and support <3


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