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Hi Commissioners!

I'm afraid something has popped up tomorrow, so this weeks schedule has been shifted around a bit. You can check out the schedule here.

Mecha - Your schedule this week has not changed as we had an agreed upon date for this week.

Leopardwolf - as I was unable to complete your commission the other day, I believe I can fit both you and Devs commission on the same day. I will try to get yours finished first. You've both been scheduled for Wednesday (probably Tuesday in your timezones)

Messu - You've simply been shifted one day over, I hope that's ok!

My "personal day" for personal art has been essentially cancelled. Or at least, the stream for it has been cancelled as I have other stuff to do tomorrow. I will likely enjoy myself with some personal art off-stream after I'm done with what I have to do tomorrow.

Please let me know if there's any issues you have with this schedule change, I'll do my best to accommodate you! :)

Fluffy Regards, Naira

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