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Updated: May 21, 2023

Hey there everyone, it's been a hot minute! I've missed you and I hope you're all well.

I apologise for my lack of updates, I was sure I'd posted an update back around January but apparently it's still in my drafts, so I guess I forgot to post it 😅

I'll be doing my first stream in a long while, on Monday the 22nd of May at 9:30am AEST (You can check the timezones HERE)

I was working full-time on Mortal Kombat 2 until mid-April and it was pretty exhausting! (Which is why you haven't heard from me...) I've had the past month off work, regaining energy and doing some spring cleaning. I'm mostly energized now and no new jobs have come in, so I'm ready to get back into streaming! Yay!

As it's been a long time, I'll be starting off only doing 1-2 days per week, and will only go for about a maximum of 4hrs. I'll also be starting off only doing personal art or games, as I've been doing nothing but photobashing and tracing over 3D models for 6 months so I feel a bit rusty in terms of drawing and painting!

I'll be starting off my first stream by finishing my newly revised Naira reference. I've also decided this will be the last change I make to Naira, as I'm a bit sick of being all over the place with her design and changing it on basically an annual basis haha. If I ever feel like making changes, I'll just make new OCs to draw instead. I actually started this ref ages ago but I've been sitting on it to make sure I'm absolutely certain I'm happy with the design. I've decided I am, and so now I can actually finish it!

I'll also be working on making new commission examples and updating my price list. It's currently "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" but don't worry, the prices themselves won't really be changing from what they were the last time you commissioned me. I will however be trying to simplify things, so there'll be less "+$x for this" all over the place, and a less amount of overwhelming options. I'll be sure to post when I've made these updates and are ready to open.

Thankyou so much for your patience with me everyone, I look forward to seeing you all again!! :D

Fluffy Regards,


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