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Price Update & Hiatus

Hello flufflets!

You may have noticed I've been super quiet. Not streaming, inactive in my Discord and not opening for commissions. A few friends have even inboxed me to ask if I'm okay.

Firstly I'd like to assure you that yes! I am okay! Thank you for caring about me <3

I've just been gradually getting a large influx of professional work and had less time and energy for much else.

Here's an overview of what I have been and are currently up to:

- Ongoing illustrations for The Revelation Trilogy by G. W. Lucke.

- A book cover for the first novel in a 7 part series by Cebelius.

- Costume illustrations for a costume designer, done for a television ad (TBA)

- Costume illustrations for a costume designer, done for a television show

And now for some exciting news...

Starting January 10th I'll be working on costume illustrations full time for 5+ weeks on the Robbie Williams movie "Better Man"!!! 🤩

By "full time" I mean 50hr work weeks, plus 10+ hours a week of commuting between the studio and home so it'll be practically 60hr weeks. So if you thought I was quiet now... I might become completely nonexistent during those weeks haha. Totally worth it though!!! During this time I'll be on hiatus from commissions.

What's super exciting is my partner Seb will also be working on it!!!

Between now and Jan 10th I need to finish 1 more illustration for G. W. Lucke and complete the book cover for Cebelius. That's basically only 3 weeks. I was hoping to perhaps open for commissions again before I begin on the movie, but I think 3 weeks is a pretty perfect amount of time for these two illustrations.

So I'll probably not open again for commissions before Jan 10th, unless I happen to get time for some live on-the-spot commissions between now and then. So my commission hiatus might be starting now.

And with this influx of major work, I'm having to adjust my commission prices.

As it is now, my commission slots usually fill within 1 hour of opening and many people comment about missing out. With the new influx of work, commissions from me are now even more scarce. My prices as they were just aren't quite working for me anymore. So I've developed a new pricing system that I hope should please everybody. You can see the prices here, and here's a quick rundown of the tiers and how it all works:

Live on-the-spot commissions:

This price tier will remain unchanged and should allow those will smaller budgets to still be able to afford to get something from me sometimes. I'll draw whatever you like within the timeframe paid for. They'll only be available live on-stream and you must be present in the chat for it.

The Sketch, Speedpaint and Detailed Painting tiers now work with a base price for one character.

and any additions/extras are a calculated percentage of that base price. Whenever I'd add the pricing for extras, it was usually around these percentages so I've just made these calculations a standard for all commission types.


These are now clean, detailed sketches that I spend a bit more time on than I did previously to ensure quality. They'll be coloured and have some basic cell-ish shading as well.


The price for these has gone up a tad to give me a bit of extra time on them, but shouldn't be too much higher than they were previously.

Detailed Paintings:

Here's where my prices are going to really jump. I simply can't afford to continue doing detailed pieces at my recent prices. And with the new industry work I've been getting, my previous prices don't really make spending the time doing these paintings worth it. So I have now adjusted my detailed painting prices to be closer to industry-level prices. I hope you understand!

Phew, this was a long email. Thank you for taking the time to read it! Wish me luck on my new movie work! Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some time for streams and Discord chats on a couple of weekends <3

Don't forget! You can now sign up as a member of my website to receive email updates on new blog posts!

If you have any questions, please email me at :)

That's all for now! Thank you so much for your continuous support! ❤❤❤

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