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Hey everyone! I'd just like to let you know in advance that I'll be making some changes to my prices/structure shortly.

After observing various other artists in similar price ranges/styles to me, I think my pricing structure is way too complicated. There's too many options, honestly it looks kind of overwhelming in comparison to my fellow artists.

I also get asked a lot about reference sheets.

I also don't really get anyone ordering halfbodies, it's either headshots or fullbody.

Most of my fellow artists don't seem to charge extra fees for complex characters. Usually what's complex for me is just wings, I rarely get commissioned for extremely complex characters that don't have wings. Also besides detailed painting prices, my complex character fees aren't really that much extra overall.

My prices shouldn't change too much overall, but they will be simplified.


- I'll be removing the halfbody option from my price list. Halfbody will be available upon request.

- I'll be separating headshots/portraits from fullbodies in my pricing structure to make it clearer to read.

- "Clean Detailed Sketches" will be renamed to simply "Sketches" and will be restructured.

- When ordering Detailed Paintings, nobody seems to order just a character. They ALWAYS order a background with it. So I will be making detailed paintings include a background by default. Characters with no background will still be available for speedpaintings.

- An extra flat fee just for wings.

- Complex character fees for detailed paintings only.

- I still seem to be severely undercharging in comparison to my fellow artists of similar style/following. Overall prices for Sketches and Speedpaintings will be raised slightly. This should also even things out in regards to "complex" characters.

- I will be removing the AUD approximates and simply display USD prices. My fellow Aussies who charge in USD don't mention AUD (or they simply charge AUD). Most Aussies are used to commissioning artists who charge USD and the majority of my clients are still USD, so there's no need to overcomplicate things.

- Most of my fellow artists seem to use the term "portrait" instead of "headshot", so I will be using the name "portrait" from now on.

- I will be adding prices for ref sheets.

- There'll be some adjustments to the cartoony style commissions and they'll be structured more like how most artists structure chibis.

- Possibly some other slight changes I've forgotten to list here.

If you have any questions, please comment below or email me at

Thanks for your understanding :)

- Naira

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