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Major Overhaul Coming Soon!

Hello there my flufflets! Long time no see. You might be wondering where I've been, if you're not in my Discord group.

For a long time now, I've been quite dissastisfied with my art style and my animated wolf avatar/facerig that I use on Twitch. I'll explain in more detail in a large post when I've finished with the actual overhaul, but basically I have been reluctant to stream or open for commissions while feeling this way about my work and streams as a whole.

I have also luckily been kept busy with some commercial work that's kept me afloat, so I haven't despterately needed to open for commissions either.

Here's a list of what I'm overhauling, which in short is "literally everything".

  • My art style

  • My character "Naira"s design

  • My avatar for streams

  • My stream overlay

  • My stream avatars

  • My website

"Will your commission prices be changing?"

Actually no, they will remain the same for now! However I may be introducing the ability to pay with another service besides Paypal, as they're increasing their fees and I'm unsure yet how much this will impact my current income. I'm looking into Stripe, which apparently you can pay Stripe invoices with your Paypal account, so hopefully this shouldn't change anything for you, but should hopefully give me lower fees (in other words, more of your money actually goes to me instead of Paypal)

"How much will your new style differ from the old style?"

Quite a lot! Here's an example of some recent experimental sketches.

I am trying to go for somewhere between my toonies style and realism, but I have not finished a painted portrait in the new style yet so I'll be sure to show proper quality samples before I actually open for commissions. The above sketches aren't 100% set in stone but it should give you an idea of my new direction.

"Can I still order commissions in your old style?"

For a short time, when I open commissions I will allow 1 slot for the old style and the rest of the slots will be for the new style. In the distant future I may allow the old style on special request, but would otherwise prefer to move away from that, as there's not much point in me doing commissions I no longer enjoy making.

I'm sure I'll lose some followers/regular commissioners because of this, as I mean the whole reason you commission/follow me is because you like my style! But hopefully you'll understand that this is important for me and my mental health regarding my art, and hopefully the new style will also open the door to a bunch of new followers.

Additionally, you can now also become a member and log in to the site in order to subscribe to blog post notifications, as well as the ability to comment on blog posts!

I thank you all for your love and support over these many years, I hope you'll still enjoy my work regardless of what style I choose to work in! ❤

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