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Changes to Streams + New Merch Store!


I have now opened a merch store through Streamlabs! Mostly because I wanted to get my own logo printed on wearable things, but I also thought it could be a fun way for people to support my channel and work. I hope to make some really fun designs in the future that will include both my Naira Wolf OC and a mascot version of my real-life self!


There are going to be some changes happening to my streams from now on...

Some of you may have noticed that I recently decided to be bold and blur the line between my real-life identity and my furry artist identity. I previously was very concerned with keeping my identity private and was not comfortable being open about who I was. I did also experience a brief period of harassment a couple of years ago from someone I met through my streams, trusted enough to add to my personal Facebook, and then was later harassed with threats against myself and my family after a falling out.

Since that incident, I have heavily locked down all friend requests, privacy settings and the ability to DM me in most places. You can not send me a friend request or DM me privately outside emails. Because of this lockdown, I feel safer being more open about myself and who I am. I have also simply grown sick of leading a "double life".

So I decided to finally merge both identities together and just be myself, out in the open!

This merging of my identities, however, is going to change how my live streams work a little bit.

The most exciting part that was mentioned in my previous blog post, is I have decided it would be super fun to stream on webcam! There will be many days where I will still use my Vtuber Naira Wolf rig, as there are bound to be days where I am too tired or don't like how I look and will not wish to be on cam. But I think being on a webcam will be a lot of fun and will help me connect even more with all of you. You'll even get to see Ralphie (my cat) being annoying in real-time! Not to mention my facial expressions should I ever decide to stream myself playing a horror game again, like Alien Isolation. 😳

The less-exciting part for you guys though, is that I'd like to behave slightly more professionally than I usually do 😅 I have a lot of professional contacts now, including movie people and major business people. I don't think they'd appreciate seeing me live on stream yelling about "d***s" and saying "c***" all the time. I will still be myself and have a laugh, and I will even still swear. But I do feel that I will need to tone this down if I am going to give a more professional public face. I hope you understand and aren't too disappointed!

Another minor change will be the time I stream at. When I worked on the movie, I was starting work at 8:30am and finishing at 6:30pm. I really enjoyed the early mornings actually, and having a nice long day that ended with just enough time for dinner and a bit of down time with the weekends off. I have decided that slightly later than this, 9:30am (AEST), would be a good time to start streams. If I do a full 8 hour day, that will bring me to 5:30pm which I think is a nice time to knock off work. I believe in the past I have often started at this time and I think it worked out well. I will also be mostly taking weekends off, but I think I was already doing that for the past few years anyway.

That's all the news I have for now, I'll be sending out an email to my newsletter subscribers shortly with more information.

As always, thanks so much for all your support <3

- Naira

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