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Changes to Pricing


- My overall commission structure has been given a makeover and should be easier to read.

- Halfbody options have been removed but are available upon request for a price in between portraits and fullbodies.

- Prices have been adjusted and some were raised a bit, but should overall not be too drastically changed.

- Timed Live Commission prices have not been changed.

- "Complex Character" fees have been mostly replaced with "Winged Characters", except for Fullbody Detailed Paintings.

- Prices for reference sheets have been added!

- Some things have been renamed to make more sense or use less words.

- I have added the option on portraits for the character's name to be added so you can print it out and make a badge of it if you like!

- Keywords list has been slightly adjusted. Some were removed, some new things were added.

You can view my updated prices HERE.

If you have any questions, feedback or concerns about these changes, please comment below or email me at :)

- Naira

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