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Big News!

(So I actually posted this in my Discord server and private socials a few weeks ago but I completely forgot to post here 😅)

Hey there, long time no see! It feels like it's been forever (My last blog posts here were like a year ago so it sort of has been!) I hope you've all been doing really well!  

I wanted to tell you fluffbutts that Seb and I are having a baby! 🥰 She is due at the end of October, right around Halloween! 🎃 How awesome is that? It's been so hard keeping this secret for the past 2 months! Seb and I are extremely excited to become parents and for this new chapter in our lives. I'm currently just a couple of weeks out of the first trimester, and boy was morning sickness and fatigue kicking my ass! 🤢

It's finally mostly passed now and I'm practically back to being my normal self. I tell you what though, I sure do miss being able to eat salami 😭 We haven't picked a name yet, but we'll probably not announce the name until she's born (it'll probably take us that long to decide 😂)

Now, as wonderful as this is, we do need to talk about the elephant in the room - the future of my streams and commissions. 😳

Due to the influx of commercial work over the past year I haven't been terribly active here or streamed at all. I haven't done a personal commission in over a year, I haven't even really done any personal art! I was actually about to open for commissions and get the ball rolling again a couple of months ago, but then I had 5 book cover jobs show up in my inbox!! 😲 (I swear it's a curse) Which is great for me and my business and I'm super proud of the work I've done, but I do really miss hanging out with you lot and doing commissions of your beloved characters too! Once I've gotten through these covers, I'm hoping to get back to some relaxed and fun commissions and personal art that I can share with you all! 😊 

That said, while I will be doing commissions again in the near future - the baby is going to make it basically impossible to do any Twitch streams. Before the baby I was already finding Twitch a bit too distracting with all the raids/follows/subs/bits/SFX etc happening while trying to work, so I will likely not be streaming on Twitch again for the foreseeable future. However! I find the relaxed nature of Discord streams much easier and it will also make me feel more comfortable if I need to go afk frequently for the baby's needs. So you can be sure I'll be getting more into Discord streams once I'm back in the swing of things. (You can join my Discord Server here: )

So TLDR: We're extremely excited to be having a baby, and this isn't a "I'm having a baby now so I'm never ever doing furry commissions or streams ever again, goodbye forever!" message. I'll still be around, just even quieter than I usually am and my commissions won't be as fast as they used to be. I really appreciate all your patience and support with me for all these years and hopefully in the years to come 🥰 I look forward to sharing all the funny and dumb stories about my mini-me to you ❤

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